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Hand-made, support the livelihood of women and their families, reflect the wholeness approach, encourage creative work, beautiful, wearable, original, unique.

The Great Silk Road connecting Central Asia and Europe. Caravans floating in the plains transporting ideas, objects, knowledge, people. Thousands of miles behind, thousands ahead. What is one object, what is product, what is the value of one's life? We are a bridge between East and West and our aspiration is to connect worlds through art, crafts and trade. It is to inspire people to create, to preserve knowledge.

A product for us not simply an object. It is a story that must be listened to. It speaks to us if we allow ourselves to be touched by it. Some stories inspire us, some leave empty and hungry for meaning.

We all know about invisible threads that connect us on this planet and perhaps beyond, destinies that entangle and shape one another. In the same image our products are like those threads that contribute to weaving a giant colorful, beautiful blanket that is made by hands of many women and men singing the song of the soul, the song of peace, caring for one another and good livelihood for communities.

In Kyrgyzstan when women asked how they compose their specific patterns when making their craft they will sometimes tell you that they hear the song of the flower, the whisper of the tree or the roar of the mountains. The woman then translates in into her weaving, embroidery, the craft she is working on.

Sustainability is the modern word for using wisely and intelligently the resources of mother earth. In the material world of nature one thing is transformed into another without causing harm and damage to life itself. There is a difference between the cycle of death when things have to be given back to nature for renewal and between negligent mindless attitude to that which sustains us in life.

That is why our products and the process of making them can be called "slow" because we know that when we make things too fast we make mistakes that cost us resources, energy, time and can cause pollution whose poison sometimes it is difficult to clean up.

Sheep wool is an incredible example of a renewable material. It is an abundant resource and offers a multitude ways of using it among hand felting and weaving. It has many qualities. It is thermo-insulating, cooling, water-proof, protects from external influences, it is like a second skin that might one day become an important sustainable clothing alternative to existing fabrics and textiles. No artificial or synthetic fabric can replace the natural, breathing and living aspects of wool, wool fibers and felt.

After passing through an initial cleaning in a small factory our wool fibers are then received in small workshops to be treated by hand and felted into final products. Unlimited creativity opens up when hands are applied to the material transferring the energy from the creator to the created.

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