Our scarves

All our scarves are hand-made, each piece is unique like a painting or rather sculpture, using various ancestral techniques such as fusion of wool fibers, wool felt and silk textile.

Felt is non-woven textile produced by matting and pressing wool fibers together. It is considered as one of the oldest textiles. In Kyrgyzstan it is still used to make yurts, carpets and clothing.
The traditional practice of felt-making has been revived thanks to opening up of the country after the collapse of the Soviet Union to the outside world and tourism development.
It didn't take long till young fashion designers and artists of the country developed new ways of making and using felt, especially refined and adapted to modern clothing.
Kyrgyzstan is a highly mountainous country with abundance of sheep wool creating a solid base for ecologically sustainable use of the material in textiles, art, and other industry.
In textile arts and crafts each piece is a result of a fusion of finely crafted felt from sheep wool fibers and natural textiles such as silk, cotton.

(our assortment of handmade scarves made with precious natural silk and wool felt incrustations)

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