Frequently Asked Questions

  • Care & Cleaning

    Our hand-made products must be washed at maximum 30C°, no tumble dry. You can mashine-wash or better hand-wash. Once washed, give your product it's original shape by spreading it horizontally on a towel and dry flat. It can be then ironed at wool and/or silk temperature and will look again as new! If you don't iron it, it will have a more casual look, this concerns especially felt scarves with silk. Do not dry clean as this will alter its natural aspect. You want to care for your product and make best use of it. Remember, it is hand-made and unique.
  • Repair

    Important aspect of hand-made products is that it might have "imperfections" due to hand-made coloring, sewing, felting, etc. These are not defaults but rather its unique characteristic. If you do need to repair, please write us to consult you on this.
  • What is felt and how it holds?

    Felt is non-woven textile made by matting and pressing wool fibers together helped by hot soapy water. It is considered as one of the oldest textiles. Once the felting process is complete and the fibers are fused together you obtain a new tissue which looks like a soft flat sculpture. Of course, flatness is not the only possibility. Imagine, a felt flower or a felt vase which is seamless and in one piece!



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